Black Sheep

Black Sheep (2006)

Ending / spoiler

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Angus Oldfield is using his human sperm to breed a new species of sheep alongside banned medical expert Dr. Rush (who is offed by one of her own subjects). After turning into a crossbreed, Angus tries to escape by biplane (spreading the infection), but Henry stops him and in the struggle Angus is struck with the propeller of the now runaway plane. Tucker having found a cure restores the gene splicing effect on all those bitten, including Angus who dying distracts the livestock allowing Henry to pin them in a enclosure and as before(when Henry trapped some of the infected flock in a crevice he ended up setting off a gas explosion caused by the methane emitted from the sheep) he ignites the odors with a flung lighter barbecuing the sheep. As the survivors carry on curing the sick...we see that the cross-breeding is not restricted to just humans and sheep as a sheep dog starts bleating.


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