Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Corrected entry: This is supposed to take place 18 months after the fight between General Zod and Superman where much of Metropolis was destroyed and leveled, especially where the remains of the World Engine lie, but the city looks completely untouched by these events.

Correction: Its a good possibility Superman helped with the rebuild, shortening the constructions by months.


Correction: The statement, "a good portion" of Metropolis has been destroyed, or its permutations, is a fallacy that people continue to promulgate. Observation of key images in Man of Steel, most prominently the point of view shots of the approaching military planes or the images of the city from Zod's ship, wil show that a very small percentage of the city was actually affected - no more than a few square blocks. This fallacy supports a common narrative but it does not meet with observable evidence.

Corrected entry: Judging by Wonder Woman's powers and abilities shown at the end she could've taken the photo that she wanted from Lex Luther any time she wanted without sneaking about.

Correction: There are no powers that indicate she could have gotten the photo any other way. She has great strength, a sword, shield & her lasso, but they don't show any magical powers that would have allowed her to just get the photo, and storming the place and destroying/stealing the photo would have run the risk of exposing herself even more than a single photo might.

Correction: Diana had no idea where the physical photo itself is. Taking into account the year the photo was taken, and confirmed by it's reveal in Wonder Woman, the images on on a glass plate. Those cannot be duplicated, at least not easily, and the photo itself would have been one of a kind. She didn't just want a digital copy of the image; she wanted the original glass plate - which she had no idea as to the location of. What she wanted was to find the information on where it was being kept so she could go retrieve it.

Corrected entry: Batman has 3 minutes to change out of his armour, get in the Batwing, find out where Martha is being held, fly there, beat up all the bad guys guarding her, and then save her - no chance.

Correction: He seems to get out of his armour and into the Batwing quickly, but we just don't see him making the change. We see the timer at 10 minutes when he's already in flight - given he just has to fly across the harbour, and clears out the bad guys fairly swiftly and in mostly real time, he's got enough time to do it.

Jon Sandys

Correction: We only know two pieces of time data: Luthor tells Clark he has, "less" than an hour when he leaves him on the Helipad. At one point before the fight starts we see the clock has about 30 minutes on it. And when Batman arrives he has 10 minutes left. The complete passage of time is not charted but we are shown how much time is left at various points.

Corrected entry: There should be no remains of the World Engine or Zod's ship left in Metropolis as it completely disappeared at the end of Man of Steel - the only survivor was General Zod.

Correction: The world engine in the Indian Ocean was blown up, but not sucked into the Phantom Zone. Zod's capital ship was sucked into the Phantom Zone, but the small ship Zod stole from Superman (containing the birthing matrix) just crashed after Superman smashed into it and destroyed the controls.

Corrected entry: Doomsday gets smaller between the time he gets out of the spaceship and when he dies.


Correction: Doomsday stays the same size from start to finish. There might be landmarks around him that make him appear to be a different size, but he stays consistently the same.


Corrected entry: Near the ending of the film in the Ultimate Edition, during the scene that immediately precedes the funeral when Metropolis is deserted, the camera pans into an empty Daily Planet. The reflection of the camera is visible in the glass frame that opens the shot. (02:43:15)

Correction: Watching the scene carefully, and pausing it when it passes by the glass frame, there is no indication of a visible camera in the shot.

Correction: In the extended cut, Batman tells he's sending him to Arkham Asylum, not Belle Reve.


Correction: There is no statement or evidence of any kind to support the idea that Luthor is in Belle Reve.

Corrected entry: When Diana opens the email sent by Bruce, the attachment containing the LexCorp Meta Human Research videos lists the file size of the entire attachment as 24MB. However, the file sizes for the four video files inside the attachment are listed as 12MB, 503MB, 32MB and 214MB. This equals to a minimum file size of 761MB, greatly exceeding the 24MB listed as the attachment file size.

Correction: The email attachment contained metadata to reach the files, not the video files themselves. You can see on later screens the videos have addresses like smb:// indicating a network address. (For the curious, in real life belongs to a New York Long Island school district).


An email containing nothing but a few hyperlinks wouldn't be 24mb. More like 400k.

Charles Austin Miller

The email contained a digital copy of Diana's photograph. When Bruce was looking through the data he stole from Lex (after making the spear head) and came across the image, the indexed file size was 31.8mb. If you account for a bit of compression or resizing to send it through email - there's your 24mb.

It could contain icons or thumbnails, or embedded decryption keys, or description text blocks, or many other things that could add up to 24MB.

Corrected entry: When Batman is pursuing the orange truck with the Kryptonite in it, at the beginning of the scene the truck is branded "Man" and later on it's branded "Iveco".


Correction: The truck is from the start an "Iveco". Perhaps you are confusing it with the tanker truck, the black one which could be a "Man".


Corrected entry: Before Lois and Jimmy are about to get to the secret location in the desert, a guy puts a bag on Lois's head and she has a hood on, but when the bag is removed the hood is off.


Correction: It's a while later when they arrive. It's easy to assume they had the hoods removed at least once on the journey.

Corrected entry: After Superman and Doomsday kill each other, Superman is lying in Doomsday's hand with his eyes wide open. When Batman walks over to Superman and folds his arms over his chest a couple of shots later, Superman's eyes are now closed.


Correction: As Superman died, he closed his eyes off-camera.

Factual error: At the start Bruce Wayne runs into a massive dust cloud formed from the falling building. In the scenes that follow he and the other people have very little or no dust on them at all - they should be completely covered and choking on it.

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Trivia: In the building where Bruce uses the green spear, there is a column with a question mark on it - a reference to the Riddler.


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Question: How did Lex Luther find Superman's lair? I thought his lair was in the fortress of solitude in the Arctic Circle.


Chosen answer: Lex Luthor didn't find Superman's lair. Rather, he entered a crashed Kryptonian vessel that still had a functional computer database. Luthor used Zod's amputated fingertips to activate the database, which told him how to make the hybrid-clone monster, Doomsday.

Charles Austin Miller

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