Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

Plot hole: Hunt cannot use metal air tanks to enter the server because they would be detected. It would be perfectly possible to use low pressure plastic ones - they wouldn't hold much, but enough for a few minutes.

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Suggested correction: Low pressure diving equipment would still utilise some metal components.

Even a lemonade bottle would still hold a lungful of air.

Plot hole: Before the IMF team can exchange the yellow cards for the access control, they first need to know the data format/file type in which the access rights (retina, gait, fingerprints...) are stored. Otherwise, the computer will not recognize the data on the card, and display an error to the maintenance personnel. In order to figure this out, they would need to steal first some of these yellow cards and analyze the data on them, before they can fake a card which will be accepted by the computer.

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