Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

Corrected entry: When Ethan pushes the bulletproof box over, the hoses that connected the box to the gas canisters are gone.



Correction: The glass box has an open grate in the bottom, hence the cage would not be connected to hoses as the gas could seep in from external canisters.

Corrected entry: When Hunt stumbles over the front of the car in Morocco it's facing to the left, but when he drives off it's now facing to the right.

Correction: The car doesn't change directions. When he jumps over it the camera is on the left side of the car. When he drives off the camera is on the right side of the car.

Corrected entry: When Brant runs out of Kings Cross station he's not wearing sunglasses, but when he stops running in the underground carpark he's wearing sunglasses.

Correction: Brant is wearing sunglasses as he runs out of the station with Ethan, when the camera pans to their faces in the underground parking lot Brant is still wearing the same sunglasses.

Corrected entry: Ethan puts Benji's identity card (for the underwater safe scene) in a shoulder pocket in his wetsuit. He then pulls it out of a pocket on his leg.

Correction: Ethan puts Benji's identity card in his left leg's pocket right at the start.

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Benji Dunn: Let me guess. Presumed dead?
Ethan Hunt: Well tonight, I just made it official.



Towards the end of the film, Solomon is trapped in a small Plexiglas box and fires his gun into the bulletproof sides numerous times, but the bullets don't ricochet or get embedded in the glass.



When Luther is trying to find Ilsa Faust on his laptop, the date of birth on her MI6 file is October 19, 1983. This is the same date of birth as the actress, Rebecca Ferguson, who plays Ilsa in the movie.