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Corrected entry: Why is the old woman who betrays Simon calling the mobsters in English? Shouldn't she do that in their own native tongue?

Correction: This is a standard film making technique - she speaks English so the audience will understand her without having to use subtitles.


Corrected entry: When Simon goes to give the girl a kiss she is on the inside of the railing. However, when it shows the shot of her falling it shows her pushed from the outside of the railing.

Correction: In the scenes prior to this, the girl and Simon meet for their "almost kiss" where the railing comes to an end. In the scene just before the girl falls, the camera is rushing towards her and she is holding her arms out. She is standing beyond the point where the railing ends, so it's possible that she was pushed by the dogs so that she fell backwards, making it seem as if she fell from standing outside the railing.

Correction: Val Kilmer, strangely enough, has a mole on each side of his mid jaw-line (count-2 moles). Check out Top Gun-both moles are obvious. The moles in The Saint do not move.

Corrected entry: When Simon is running from Elian at the beginning he gives his disguise to a drunken man so when Elian comes he gets the drunken man among other peasants. The problem is that Elian haven't seen Simon's disguise; he was only told he was disguised like a peasant - the guy who told him didn't even describe his disguise.

Correction: Elian is told "just a man in rags" when he asks his thug if he has seen anyone. The Saint has gone to the square to blend in with many other men in rags. He doesn't give his disguise to someone else (he gives his bottle to another man). When Elian and his thug assume The Saint is disguised as the 'man in rags', they go the the square, and spot a man in rags walking by himself, and think it must be The Saint. The scene has nothing to do with being drunk.

Corrected entry: When he is the 'artist' when he first meets Emma next to the statue she is wearing a black dress with white shirt underneath and knee socks, but she had to chase him to give him back his book and she is in a different outfit in the next scene.

Correction: Since she doesn't chase him right away, but sits in a restaurant the next time we see her with the book, it's plausible to think she had time to change her outfit.

Visible crew/equipment: At the beginning of the car chase, when the bad guys exit the parking garage, you can see an entire film crew reflected in the door of their car. (00:55:20)

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Emma Russell: Who are you?
Simon Templar: Nobody has a clue. Least of all me.

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