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Poltergeist (2015) is a remake of the 1982 Spielberg classic with some minor tweaks and updates, but otherwise follows faithfully to the story of the original. Angry spirits torment a family recently moved into a seemingly normal house and abduct their youngest daughter. The family then reach out to parapsychologists for help with getting the child back and escaping the ghostly nightmare. Some scary moments are elaborated upon, and the movie may work for those who never saw the original or its sequels, otherwise there's little new to experience here.

Erik M.

Revealing mistake: Just before Madison is about to be pulled up the stairs, it's quite too obvious that is isn't Kennedi Clements, rather a stunt double.

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Dr. Brooke Powell: Why do you do that?
Carrigan Burke: What?
Dr. Brooke Powell: You tell your old war stories and you make yourself sound like an old man.
Carrigan Burke: Comes with the territory. We age in dog years.

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