The Nutcracker Prince
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Mouseking: Come back here! There's no-one to save you now, Nutcracker! There's no escaping me.

Mouseking: If you think your nephew, Hans, is ugly now wait till I turn him into a pile of splinters.

Mousequeen: The spell you broke on your head falls, you shall crack nuts, prince of the dolls.

Uncle Drosselmeier: Time that was, time shall be, but waste it not, ere it waste thee.

Trudy: Pantaloon.
Trudy: You meddling old fool.

Trudy: Your Highness, you don't even have a sword.
Marie: Sword or no sword, he's still got to save us.

Mouseking: Today king of mice, tonight king of dolls. Tomorrow king of everything.

Mouseking: Salute your martyr.

Mouseking: My tail! My precious, precious tail.

Pantaloon: Why, you, you crooked tail coward.
Mouseking: Crooked tail?
Nutcracker: You despicable rodent.

Fritz: Clara! Clara, guess what! Pavlova caught a mouse! A real big one! Papa found it by the toy castle.

Uncle Drosselmeier: But there's something I must do first for my nephew.
Clara: Nephew? I didn't know you had a nephew. How old is he?
Fritz: Will we meet him?
Clara: Is he really your nephew or does he just call you uncle like we do?

Marie: Why me?

Clara: Why, every Christmas tree we've ever had is here.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the film, and most subsequent shots, Fritz’s hat is a green color. But when he runs up to greet Drosselmeier, it changes to a tannish olive color. (00:02:50)

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