The Fault in Our Stars

Trivia: When Augustus, Hazel, and her mother return from Amsterdam and they show her dad with his sign, there is one to the left of him that says "Godfrey" which refers to one of the producers, Wyck Godfrey.

Trivia: In Hazel's room there is a poster for the band "Hectic Glow," which is a fictional band that Gus introduces Hazel to in the original book.

Trivia: The song that Isaac scream-sings when he is upset over the break up is "Rules", a song written by him and his brother Alex.


Trivia: If you look closely when Hazel is coming out of the store with the eggs, Isaac can be seen with one of Gus's cigarettes. Since he cannot see it, he has it backwards and Augustus turns it around for him.


Trivia: Dr. Maria is an actual oncologist who served as the oncologist for most of the members of the support group.

Trivia: The father of the little girl in the airport who wants to try Hazel's oxygen is John Green, the author of the book.


Trivia: The Jesus song that Patrick sings during support group was made up on the spot. There is also some hilarious deleted footage where he discusses his balls in detail.


Trivia: All of the members of the Support Group are actual cancer survivors.

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