Vamp (1986)


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Vic: Don't forget our single man's special, all you can drink for a dollar. Come along, you drink yourselves into another world.

Keith: Make sure I don't come back like you, OK?
AJ: Hey, you think I like this? Or them? They're boring creeps! They don't call them walking dead for nothing! Try talking to one of them sometime.
Keith: I am.

Allison: I'm Amaretto, not really, and I will be your waitress for this evening guys. So what can I get for you?
Duncan: I would like a slow, comfortable, screw.

AJ: This isn't a frat house, it's a halfway house for morons.

AJ: I love you, Keith. But all I can see right now is food... And I'm starving! You carry my next meal around with you in your veins.

Keith: Testy! You wanna know why I'm testy? I'll tell you why I'm testy. Today I was nearly hung, I got into a fight with a psychotic albino, I met a human pin cushion in the bathroom, I ate a cockroach, my best friend disappears and then I'm nearly assassinated by a runaway elevator! I've HAD A BAD DAY.

Keith: This has been one wacky night.

Vic: You screwed up, you're sushi baby.

Keith: All this for a fucking fraternity.

AJ: Snow! I'm AJ. Come on, all this over three lousy teeth?

Duncan: Say, babe, what time do you get off?
Waitress: 2.30.
Duncan: Can I watch?

Allison: Look, no fangs! Come on.

Duncan: You know, I mostly get your basic dorks around here. They seem to gravitate towards me... I don't know why.

Revealing mistake: At the end when Katrina's skeleton flips off Keith, you can plainly see a crew member's hand moving the arm.

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