Edge of Tomorrow

Other mistake: Each time Cage is on the dropship along with all the other soldiers, the dropship is attacked and all the other soldiers release themselves from the plane onto the beach. When Cage lands on the beach, note the area he is standing in. Every time he drops onto the beach, he releases himself earlier or later than the previous time, but despite this, he always seems to land on the beach in the precise same spot each time. The dropship was also attacked and began spinning out of control and was not in a fixed position, so there is no chance he would have landed in the same spot even if the dropship was over the same location.

Casual Person

Other mistake: When Cage bursts through the roof of the car and shoots the mimic in the caravan look at his armour and weapons - he is now too big to get back into the car - he should be wedged in the roof.

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Cage: [Being strapped into the power armour] I've never been in one of these before!
Griff: I've never been with two women at once either, but if that day ever comes, I'll make it work.



The dam where the Omega is supposed to be hidden first is identified as being located in Germany. In reality, it's the dam at Lai da Curnera in Switzerland. In the German dubbed version, it is correctly identified as being in Switzerland.



During the prologue of the movie where Cage is giving doing media interviews, there is a scene where he's obviously green-screened in front of the NORAD control center taken directly from WarGames.