Quo Vadis

Quo Vadis (1951)

Ending / spoiler

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As Emperor Nero's palace is being taken over by the raging populace at the end, Nero is finally stabbed (voluntarily) to death by a loyal female servant he once banished for the sin of loving him. Robert Taylor and Deborah Kerr leave Rome shortly afterwards in search of a new life.


Other mistake: When one of the Christians is being crucified and burnt, we can see that just after the man's "death" the body is substituted by a plastic doll covered in red paint.

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Petronius: It is not enough to live well. One must die well.

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Trivia: Galva, the general who claims the emperor's throne after Nero's death, didn't last long as an emperor himself: just four months later, he was murdered by his Pretorian Guardsmen.

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