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Milo: Why did you save my life?
Atticus: No gladiator should die from a blade to the back. When you die it should be to the front and it will come from my hand.
Milo: Well, I can make you a better promise: When you die, it will be quick and it will come from my hand.

Milo: You trust them to keep their word?
Atticus: I trust the law.

Ariadne: He made you feel alive?
Cassia: He made me feel... safe.

Cassia: Too many arrogant men who flatter you with their presence.

Atticus: Now who's the poor bastard who has to die for my freedom?

Proculus: You're brave, I'll give you that, but no savage can ever be a match for a Roman.

Atticus: For those of us about to die, we salute you. I die a free man.

Cassia: I couldn't believe he had the strength to do that.
Ariadne: Then you didn't see his muscles?
Cassia: That's not what I meant.

Cassia: Men killing each other for amusement is not a sport.

Cassia: You could ride before you were a gladiator?
Milo: I could ride before I could walk.

Atticus: What is your name? We will have to speak at some point.
Milo: No, we don't. What we have to do is kill each other at some point. So my name's my own, I have no interest in learning yours.

Cassia: I don't want to spend our last moments running.

Cassia: Senator, you have mistaken me for the kind of woman who drapes herself across your lap in Rome.

Atticus: It is the gods. They have a plan for us all.
Milo: Perhaps. I saw the man who killed my family. Perhaps the gods spared me for a reason.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Corvus kidnaps Cassia and is racing through the city on his chariot, the street he is travelling down is completely devoid of rubble, bodies, and anything else that was already shown to be strewn across all of the streets.

Justin Michrina

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