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Baby Geniuses (1999)

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Corrected entry: One scene shows the star baby making an escape from parents in his pram. To get there he dons a disguise of long coat, scarf and holds a big cigar. Each of these articles is discarded, yet when we see the baby girl he switched clothes with, the baby girl has the cigar in her hand.

Correction: No he doesn't. When he discards the cigar he runs straight to the baby carriage in the same shot. In the next shot with him in the baby carriage we are only able to see his left hand which does not have the cigar in it.

Corrected entry: The babies' obviously CGI-animated mouths throughout the film don't match the words they're supposedly speaking.

Correction: They arn't supposed to. Their mouths are supposed to match the baby talk that they are saying. The words you hear are just the translated words.

Corrected entry: When the guy locks Sly in the new pen he punches in two sets of code-numbers on the keyboard. Sly records only one set of the code-numbers and was able to escape. So what happened to the other set of code-numbers?

Correction: The first time he punches in a set of numbers, he gets it wrong. You can see the light. The next time he types it in, he gets it right. The light changes.

Audio problem: Every time Sly laughs, it sounds exactly the same, don't you think they could have recorded more than one laugh?

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Sly: They've got Whit.
Dan: Who's got Whit? Wait, you're Whit.

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