Factual error: The geographical issues begin about mid-way through with the characters at Glacier National Park in Montana for a wedding. When everyone begins to leave, Nick is taking the scenic route back to New York via car. Harper is getting a ride to South Dakota to catch a plane. The scenic route in Montana is Hwy 2, which the author labels as US Route 2 (technically correct but Montanans call it Hwy 2). Continually talks about 2 lane roads. Yet the next location the car stops at is Sleeping Elk. Higgins has them spending the night there. Sleeping Elk is a smaller than small town that is by the Interstate which entails getting off another Interstate to make the connection. Sleeping Elk has no motels and is less than 10 minutes from Bozeman. Higgins makes it sound like they are in the middle of nowhere when in reality, they are not. Also never mentions the passing by of other large cities including the state capital but rather mentions the smaller cities that are on Hwy 2.

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