The Lost Symbol

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Corrected entry: On the son's 18th birthday, the father talks to him about joining the Masonic Lodge. One cannot join the lodge until you're 21. The father, at his level in the lodge should know this and would not have revealed the pyramid and some secrets to him before the son joined and at the age of 18.

Correction: This is incorrect. One can join a Lodge under 21 years old if their father is a Mason (making them a 'Lewis' and, by right, having dispensation to join young) or if the they receive special dispensation from the relevant Grand Lodge. I joined at 20 years old while at university and I have initiated many Brothers under 21 into my own Lodge.

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In chapter 4 when Mal'akh enters the Capitol Building, the guard notices the tattoos on the tips of the index finger and thumb protruding from the bandage, "the tip of his index finger bore the image of a crown, and the tip of his thumb bore that of a star. Later in chapter 13 Robert Langdon describes the tattoos, "On the thumb - a crown. On the index finger - a star"



Throughout the book, the number 33 occurs as an important number within the Masonic Order - the best example being the highest rank of mason being a 33rd Degree. The book ends on Chapter 133, with what could be chapter 134 being an epilogue.