Fool's Fate

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Corrected entry: After Fitz has carried the Fool through the Skill Pillar and revived him, the Fool has a nightmare and comes running out of his tent. Then he lies down on Fitz's cloak and goes to sleep between Fitz and the fire, facing away from Fitz. A short time later he has another nightmare. Fitz "rolls to face him" and yet also can see the tears on his face. If he had rolled to face him, all Fitz should be able to see is the Fool's back.

Correction: It is possible the Fool had rolled over in his sleep before or during his nightmare, and was on his back when Fitz next looked at him.




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When Fitz and the Fool have swapped bodies, after Fitz repairs the Fool's body, he "uses their combined strength" to lift himself - in the Fool's body - up to touch foreheads with his own body. Then he and the Fool go into their proper bodies. However, Fitz then says that he "straightened up and looked down at the Fool in my arms." This isn't possible, because the Fool's body had moved upward, but Fitz's hadn't moved downward. Yet the Fool doesn't move, Fitz does.