Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Megan Fox has been unceremoniously dumped out of Transformers 3 by Michael Bay:

Paramount won't be picking up Megan Fox's option on Transformers 3 -- and that it was "ultimately" director Michael Bay's decision. (So he gets his revenge for her remark comparing him to "Hitler".)

I'm torn on this - part of me finds Megan Fox attractive, sure, but also fairly irritating. At the same time if I really think about it I can't put my finger on exactly what's annoying about her, so I try and keep the rage suppressed. Also, any excuse to post that picture of her on a bike again.

Mixing things up a bit for a third Transformers film can't be too bad an idea though - I enjoyed the second one, while at the same time being very aware that watching it was lowering my IQ by the minute. I'm sure Michael Bay will present us with a surprisingly low-key, slow and contemplative third installment. Then come round to each of our homes individually and blow them up.

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