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Top Gun: Maverick picture

Trivia: Despite long being one of Hollywood's most bankable stars, this was the first Tom Cruise film to earn more than $100 million at the domestic box office on its opening weekend. It also went on to become his highest grossing film, as well as his first film to gross $1 billion worldwide.

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The Batman picture

Trivia: The film's working title was "Vengeance."

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Morbius picture

Trivia: When the Daily Bugle is shown with the main article of Morbius being apprehended for murder, in the top right corner of the paper you can read "Black Cat: Friend or Foe?" This is a reference to the antihero and frequent Spider-Man ally Black Cat. Sony had previously attempted to develop a movie featuring Black Cat and Silver Sable, which would have been called "Silver and Black." This could be Sony planting the seeds of bringing the character to screen, or it may just be an Easter egg.

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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever picture

Trivia: Despite playing the ruler of an underwater kingdom, Tenoch Huerta didn't actually know how to swim before taking the role.

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Prey picture

Trivia: When one of the Comanche warriors is fighting the predator, he gets thrown over a large log. He lets out a Wilhelm scream. (00:51:33)

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Downton Abbey: A New Era picture

Trivia: In France, when Mr. Carson and Lady Maude are in the hat shop, the clerk mistakenly refers to them as being married, which surprises and embarrasses both. This is a movie in-joke regarding actors Jim Carter (Mr. Carson) and Imelda Staunton (Lady Maude), who are married in real-life.

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A Day to Die picture

Trivia: Willis' LAST film that will be released. It was filmed about a year before the 4/04/22 announcement that he was diagnosed with aphasia (a type of frontotemporal dementia that affects the ability to speak, write, and understand written language) and "stepping away from acting."


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Suggested correction: I'm not sure what you mean by this is his last film to be released when 3 films have been released since "A Day to Die" came out. Not to mention 2 upcoming films set to be released shortly. Plus, Willis had finished 3 Lionsgate films whose releases are unknown.


Fake news? I read this somewhere on-line.


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Crimes of the Future picture

Trivia: * "Quasi-Spoiler" * The mental or nutritional disorder wherein a person [or some animals, including dogs] eats/craves substances or objects that are not usually deemed to be "food" (or edible) is called "Pica." The word "Pica" is derived from ancient Latin and the bird "Magpie." Magpies have a reputation for eating almost anything/everything they can find, or have "indiscriminate tastes" and habits. Brecken, in this future world scenario, probably would not be diagnosed as having Pica. (00:03:28)


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The Woman King picture

Trivia: Spoiler! There is an extra scene at the end after the credits roll with Amenza paying tribute saying the names of the fallen Dahomey warriors one by one.

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Where the Crawdads Sing picture

Trivia: Narrating in 1969, Kya said, "How birds sing mostly at dawn because the cool, moist air of morning carries their songs and their meaning much farther." This is no longer the primary view. Some scientific research found their subject sparrows' songs were louder (or just as loud) at noon than during the so-called "Morning Chorus." It appears the "Morning Chorus" might just sound louder because there are fewer other sounds at that time of the morning to drown them out (i.e, it is quieter). (00:37:15)


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Pursuit picture

Trivia: Mike asked the Sheriff, "What flavor of ketchup?" and the Sheriff replied, "Heinz 57." Heinz 57 is not a flavor of ketchup and, contrary to popular belief, it did not reflect the number of varieties of condiments Heinz had for sale when the company started using the logo - which is what it actually is, a logo. There is an account of how the logo came to be. The Brand Director for Heinz reported that the 57 actually stands for his (5) and his wife's (7) "lucky" numbers. (00:44:55)


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