Best movie mistake pictures of 2020

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Tenet mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When the Protagonist passes through Sator's turnstile to return to the ambush site on the highway and gets in the inverted car, a cameraman holding the camera is reflected on the wing mirror. (01:31:38)

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Hamilton mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Angelica has flowers on her dress. During the wedding, they disappear and reappear between shots.

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The Old Guard mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When driving the silver Audi A6 the first time, the version they are driving is a diesel, seen by the exhaust pipes facing down towards the ground with a bend. In the next shot they are driving the petrol version of the same A6, seen by the exhaust pipes holes facing directly out from the car. (01:18:33)

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Mulan mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Mulan is having dinner with her family after her father has been drafted. During the scene depending on the camera angle her arms are folded, or her right arm is leaning against the table while she is holding chopsticks in midair. (00:20:55)

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The Witches mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the boy is about to eat his corn bread, the knife on the left keeps changing positions between shots.

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The Gentlemen mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Ray and his men open the balcony door at the junkies' place, a huge white screen used for lighting is reflected on the glass door.

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Horse Girl mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The protagonist receives her gift from Molly Shannon. She unwraps it and puts the discarded wrapping on the counter. When we see it again at the end of the scene, the wrapping is much less torn apart than the first time around (or at least has been arranged neatly). (00:09:45)

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Soul mistake picture

Deliberate mistake: In the Spanish release, the name of the family store is written in Spanish, but inside the place it's in English everywhere. This is a very common mistake in foreign kids' films released in Spain.

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The mini Puft makes a hole in the marshmallow bag between the letters H and M. In further shots the hole is fixed and it's now between the A and the L.

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Scoob! mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Simon Cowell arrives at the table, the ketchup bottle disappears in the wide angle and reappears in the close-up.

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Freaky mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During the final fight at the very end of the film, pay attention to Millie's bloody nose. At first, there's an equal amount on either side. But a few seconds later, the suddenly less blood on the left side of her face and more blood on the right side.


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