The Gentlemen
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Continuity mistake: When Pierce's wife is walking in her auto shop they pan down to show her red Louboutin heels, then they cut to her walking in her office, and when they show her shoes again they have a tan sole.

Continuity mistake: The movie begins with Michael calling his wife to say it's date night. He says 'hello my love', the scene ends with a shot and blood on a pint glass (assumption being Michael was shot) Later, the scene is re shown from another angle and the call starts 'hello Roz'.

Continuity mistake: Hugh Grant puts his hand on Charlie Hunnam's leg. Charlie Hunnam's hands are grasped between his legs right over his crotch. In the next shot his hand has instantly moved next to Hugh Grant's.

Other mistake: When Fletcher is talking in the garden, the steaks for the BBQ are taken out of a freezer, but when placed on the BBQ, they are not frozen.

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Brown: What am I guilty of?
Ray: Being a cunt, Brown. Being a cunt.

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Trivia: When Fletcher is pitching his story to the guy at Miramax, The Man from UNCLE poster is in the background. Guy Ritchie also directed that movie, and both movies feature Hugh Grant.

Tricia Webster

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