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Factual error: The strong current of the river the main character falls into carries him to a considerable waterfall. There is not, nor has there ever been, a river of that kind in Flanders' Fields, let alone a waterfall. Anyone who has any insight into the geography of the region will tell you it is flat as can be. The largest body of water, the Yzer, gently meanders and flows into the Channel, even during really rainy times.

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Suggested correction: I do not believe that either Ecoust or Croisilles Wood is in Flanders. Both are behind the old German lines at the Somme. That said, there are no bodies of water in that area.

Ecoust and Croissilles are in department Pas-De-Calais in the French Flanders, together with the Belgian flanders they are called Flanders Fields. It is indeed a flat area.


There is a watercourse that goes through Croisilles... But it's basically a ditch.

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Midway picture

Factual error: During the battle at the Marshalls-Gilberts, the movie shows mountainous terrain. The real Marshalls and Gilberts are atolls with very little terrain.

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Factual error: This is set in 1966. The soldiers are all using the Aussie version of the M16 which was introduced in Vietnam by their military in 1967 with limited use and only became more widely used somewhat later.


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Suggested correction: There's no such thing as an Aussie version of the M16, they were all made in the USA by Colt, or its contractors. I assume the poster means the M16A1, identifiable by the bolt assist lug on the right hand side and closed flash suppressor.


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The Aftermath picture

Factual error: The German character plays a record on his gramophone 'Four Last songs' by Richard Strauss, composed in 1948. The film is set in 1945-46.


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The Last Full Measure picture

Factual error: At presentation of the Medal of Honor, the US Air Force Secretary reads the citation that states William H. Pitsenbarger was an Airman First Class (E-3 with 2 stripes) but in the battle scenes William H. Pitsenbarger is wearing the insignia of a 'Buck' Sergeant (E-4 with 3 stripes). (00:14:29 - 01:43:55)


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