Best TV revealing mistakes of 2018

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9-1-1 picture

The Searchers - S3-E3

Revealing mistake: The captain's arm that was removed can be seen wrapped in a green screen editing sleeve when he is in the hospital. (00:39:55)

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Lost in Space picture

The Robinsons Were Here - S1-E4

Revealing mistake: After going beyond the perimeter fence for the first time, the children initially find the flowers that bloom when they each clap. When the robot motions to clap, you can see its left hand lost to the CGI flowers.

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Narcos: Mexico picture

881 Lope de Vega - S1-E9

Revealing mistake: In the morgue the wall has fake body chambers. Look at number 6 and Boyce the wall stops and a door behind it.

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Titans picture

E.L._.O. - S2-E11

Revealing mistake: When the assistant gets thrown into the wall by the brain controlled Gar-tiger, there are already marks on the point of impact, from previous takes.

Jon Sandys Premium member
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Kyô kara Ore wa!! picture

The legendary dawn! - S1-E1

Revealing mistake: When Mitsuhashi and Ito meet on the first day of school, the clock in the classroom never advances from the 8:20 position despite the scene taking place in a span longer than one minute. (00:04:45 - 00:06:08)

Sammo Premium member
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Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan picture

French Connection - S1-E2

Revealing mistake: Driving through Paris, the speedometer of the Police BMW car is at 0kph (rev counter shows car at tick-over).

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Magnum P.I. picture

Mondays Are for Murder - S2-E13

Revealing mistake: Mr. Castro is feeding Ellie the Goat an apple. If a goat were to be biting an apple, the cuts would be irregular. But a few moments later the apple is shown and it has two cuts and they are straight - both made with a knife. (00:25:30)

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FBI pictureFBI mistake picture

Crossfire - S1-E4

Revealing mistake: The FBI woman picks up the phone to speak to her boss but the phone is off. (00:22:38)

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