Best romance movie mistakes of 2018

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Fifty Shades Freed picture

Continuity mistake: When Ana and Christian are having sex on the dining room table, she drops Christian's pants below his butt. Scene cuts and Christian's back is shown, with his pants above his butt. Then cuts back and they're below again. (00:54:40 - 00:56:50)

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Overboard picture

Continuity mistake: Leonardo is dangling from the railing of his yacht as the yacht travels at a high speed. In the next scene, looking out from a room with a large window, Leonardo can be seen still clinging to the railing but the yacht now appears to be motionless.

Steven Lee
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Crazy Rich Asians picture

Other mistake: At the cookery class where the family are making dumplings, Eleanor shows off her emerald ring. Later when Nick proposes on the plane, it is not the same ring. This time it is a tourmaline and not the emerald.

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Set It Up pictureSet It Up mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Rick and Kirsten are at the game, just after they shout at one of the players, Kirsten drinks from her cup, but in the next shot, the cup is suddenly back in the armrest holster. (00:33:40)

Casual Person
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To All the Boys I've Loved Before picture

New this month Continuity mistake: When Peter is talking to Lara Jean about the letter when they are in the diner, the straw in Lara Jean's glass changes position between shots.

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