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Santa Clarita Diet picture

Wuffenloaf - S3-E1

Plot hole: When Abby and Eric return the night vision goggles, Abby asks if they should put them back exactly where they were and Eric says he didn't remember where they went but luckily he "took a picture" of how it looked before. How could this be possible if Abby purposely excluded him when she collected those goggles from Lisa?

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The Red Angel - S2-E10

Plot hole: Michael uses herself as bait to trap her future self, putting her own life in jeopardy with the reasoning that her future self will come back to save her. All well and good, except they have a backup plan with the doctor to resuscitate her if needed, meaning her life isn't really at risk, or nowhere near as much as might be implied. And her future self would undoubtedly know that, having lived through it in the past, so not swoop in to save her. Or even if she did come, would also know it was a trap.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Suggested correction: ***SPOILER ALERT*** But, as it turns out, The Red Angel that comes to save her is NOT Michael, but her mother, who would not necessarily have known about the backup plan.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

***SPOILER ALERT*** That it was her mother doesn't stop it being a plot hole since they thought The Red Angel was future Michael, and future Michael would know that present Michael wasn't really in danger so they weren't presenting a situation, _according to what they believed_, that required future Michael to act. It being the mother was a plot twist that created a motivation to act that the present people had no reason to think would exist. Basically, unless they presume a split timeline (i.e. this present is a different past than The Red Angel lived through), making a trap for future Michael that present Michael is involved in makes no logical sense.


Alternatively, Michael would have to come back, KNOWING it was a trap, to prevent the timeline unravelling.


The point of the exercise is they were setting a trap. If it didn't work, then Michael wouldn't have to come back to "prevent the timeline unravelling (sic)", even if that were a thing - it presupposes a fixed, unalterable timeline, which goes against their attempt to send the data to the future to protect it, and thereby alter the future. Even with an unalterable timeline, it would only work if future Michael had chosen to allow herself to be trapped, but in that case why wouldn't future Michael just voluntarily come back to help? Since her being trapped wasn't a certainty, there was no reason to think she would be given that the current Michael, and therefore also future Michael, knows a trap has been set, but one that doesn't actually threaten current Michael. The whole premise of the trap, under their assumption that The Red Angel was future Michael, is completely flawed and made no logical sense.

The fact that The Red Angel was in the future, and that they had a backup plan meant that The Red Angel never should have come back in time, ever. Because the backup plan would be the recorded history, thus, she never would have died. Thus, nothing to save. Face it, everything in Discovery is a plot hole.

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13 Reasons Why picture

Season 3 generally

Plot hole: When Bryce's body is found, there is a gaping hole in the back of his head, leading to speculation that he was shot. It is later determined that the hole was from blunt force trauma. However, when we actually see his death, he is simply pushed off the pier and ends up drowning. It wouldn't have been caused by his fight with Zach, as he would have been dead long before he could have been pushed into the water. And if the wound was somehow caused by aquatic predation, the forensics experts would know the difference between that and blunt force trauma.

Phaneron Premium member

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Jiu-Jitsu, Bubble Wrap, and Yoo-Hoo - S1-E17

Plot hole: Near the start we see Sheldon using physics to try and take down Tam. This completely goes against all of Sheldon's phobias about touching people, especially socks. Even before this episode he has shown his displeasure at the thought of touching people. (00:05:00)

Ssiscool Premium member

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Pick a God and Pray - S4-E9

Plot hole: Ruth enters Darlene's home at night, crossing over the crime scene tape. She proceeds to the barn where she finds all of Darlene's heroin packed up neatly. This is factually impossible. Once the police had secured the crime scene in the house, they would have searched the entire property and would have discovered and seized the heroin at that time. (00:54:38 - 00:56:09)

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Shockwave - S4-E4

Plot hole: In episode 3 Ray and a CIA agent meet a US Ambassador to Tunisia to discuss placing a Seal team in Tunisia to combat the recent wave of terrorist bombings. The Ambassador was against boots on the ground. In episode 4 when Bravo team arrives to find captured Ray, they land at an airbase in Tunisia and enter a portable type building, on the wall of said building are US Military patches such as 82nd Airborne. Did the ambassador forget America has portables there for their troops?

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