Best family TV mistakes of 2017

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A Series of Unfortunate Events picture

The Bad Beginning: Part One - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: During Count Olaf and his theatre troupe's performance in the front hall, the bannister and the newel post wobble when Count Olaf grabs it.

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Star Wars Forces of Destiny picture

Sands of Jakku - S1-E1

Other mistake: Never once does Rey leave any footprints in the sand, despite her being heavier than BB-8. And BB-8 leaves constant trails in the sand wherever he goes.

Quantom X Premium member
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Andi Mack pictureAndi Mack mistake picture

Shhh! - S1-E3

Revealing mistake: When Andi walks into the library (this is not Andi's dream) it cuts to the librarian sitting at her desk and we can see the shot is flipped - note the bookcase and the librarian's buttons. (00:10:40)

Super Grover Premium member
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