Best sport movie mistakes of 2015

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Concussion picture

Factual error: During the Mike Webster autopsy, Dr Omalu asks Gracie for Mike's CT Scan of the brain again, but what she holds up is a MRI film, not CT. Then after interpreting the displayed MRI Dr. Omalu tells Gracie that this brain should be a mess, but it looks completely normal. Whereas the MRI shown by Gracie reveals several abnormalities like brain atrophy and degeneration due to complications of previous disease process. (00:27:45 - 00:28:30)

Ganesan Krishnan
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Creed picture

Revealing mistake: A man is taking a picture of his family in front of the Rocky Balboa Statue but his disposable camera is facing the wrong way. (00:16:00)

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McFarland, USA picture

Continuity mistake: Before the last race while all the teams are ready to go, the sun in the background is below the trees but in the next shot the sun is shining on the runners.

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Southpaw picture

Continuity mistake: When Billy and his daughter are at Moreen's grave the sun changes between shots.

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