Best music movie mistakes of 2014

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Whiplash picture

Continuity mistake: In the beginning where Fletcher observes Andrew drumming for the first time, Fletcher hangs his jacket on a hook. A few seconds later after Andrew notices he's gone, there's no jacket hanging there. Shortly after that we hear the door open and it's reappeared. (00:03:20)

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Get on Up picture

Continuity mistake: Ben Bart passed away earlier in the film but can be seen dancing on stage with the character Gertrude, at a James Brown concert where he is performing "I Got Soul (Super Bad) ". (01:46:00)

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Love & Mercy picture

Audio problem: When Brian is rehearsing with his band, the flautists are heard playing whilst their instruments remain on their laps. (Moments later, the same phrase is repeated, but this time the flautists are playing it).

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Roger Waters the Wall picture

Continuity mistake: In the "Another Brick in the Wall Part III" section of the show, look at the missing section of the wall on the right hand side. The bottom bricks of that section change from being filled in to being empty depending on the shot. (01:02:40 - 01:04:00)

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