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Under the Dome picture

Show generally

Deliberate mistake: When the dome is blacked out and blocking Chester's Mill from the sun, there should be no light at all in the forest, yet it's lit as if under a full moon. (01:10:40)

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Power Rangers Megaforce picture

Legendary Battle - S2-E20

Deliberate mistake: Many of the Rangers in the Legendary Battle could not be there since they were portrayed by the same person. All 3 Rockys, all 3 Adams, and both Jasons and Kimberlys were all present.

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Agents of SHIELD picture

Season 6 generally

Deliberate mistake: The last season touched on Infinity War happening - this season jumps forwards a year, meaning that we should be one year into the "blip" (or snap), with half the universe missing. But the team is all together, and the world/universe is utterly unaffected. Largely a byproduct of disagreement between the film and TV sides of Marvel, plus scheduling vagueness meaning they couldn't risk spoiling Endgame if they came back on the air before that was released. But considering the show is 100% part of the MCU, that's a pretty massive contradiction.

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