Best crime movie mistake pictures of 2013

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Continuity mistake: In the car chase near the start, the blue and white cars hit bumper to door. When the tank type car hits them they are end to end. (00:22:00)

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A Good Day to Die Hard mistake picture
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Continuity mistake: After arriving at 5 Pointz, someone tries to find the combination for the safe and it is revealed to have had a green handkerchief attached to the rear end. Dylan then pulls on the handkerchief and keeps pulling on it to reveal more coloured handkerchiefs until it stops and a timer is heard ticking. When the clicking sound is heard, Dylan is shown holding onto the knot between a purple handkerchief and a blue handkerchief. The shot then cuts to Agent Cowan saying "What is this?", but when the shot cuts back to Dylan, he is suddenly holding the knot between a blue handkerchief and a yellow handkerchief. Then in the next shot, his entire hand is held onto the blue handkerchief. (01:33:25)

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Now You See Me mistake picture
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Continuity mistake: In the field chase scene, the Camaro's driver side mirror is ripped off when the Corvette rams it sideways. It remains off for several shots, then it returns by scene end and stays on through the movie's end. (01:20:10)

The Last Stand mistake picture
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Continuity mistake: Throughout the entire movie, Hobbs has a goatee. But when Hobbs is driving and talking on the phone to Tej, his goatee is gone. In Hobbs' next scene, the goatee is suddenly back again. (01:22:35 - 01:23:55)

Fast & Furious 6 mistake picture
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Continuity mistake: On the yacht Jordan offers some food to Patrick Denham and the other FBI agent. Patrick stands, while the other walks towards the table. In the next shot he is again behind agent Patrick Denham. (01:29:50)

The Wolf of Wall Street mistake picture
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