Best mystery TV mistake pictures of 2012

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The Odyssey - S1-E14

Arrow mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Wilson jams the pistol in Oliver's face, Wilson is holding the gun in his right hand. When the shot changes, it flips - he is suddenly holding it in his left hand, and his previous un-scarred left eye now has some scrapes around it.


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Cocaine Blues - S1-E1

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Early on, Miss Fisher and Doctor McMillan are strolling among the dockers in the background. But Miss Fisher hasn't disembarked the ship yet, that happens in the following scene. (00:01:45)

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Episode #2.6 - S2-E6

Line of Duty mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Denton looks up Alex Campbell's vehicle registration, it says "AP08 00G" on the computer screen. When she goes to where the vehicle is, the registration is "AP08 0DG."


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