Best movie mistake pictures of 2012

Continuity mistake: During the big battle against the Chitauri, Captain America is zapped with a blaster bolt. When Thor helps him to his feet we can see a significant amount of damage done to his suit, just below the star on the right hand side. But later on after Iron Man destroys the Chitauri ship with the nuke, the damage is completely gone.

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The Avengers mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Caesar Flickerman is interviewing Katniss on TV, a chunk of her up-swept hairdo keeps changing, hanging down next to her left cheek in one shot, then it disappears in a close-up, then it's hanging down again.


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The Hunger Games mistake picture

Continuity mistake: This is just after Curt has jumped into the lake. The green towel around Marty's neck disappears and reappears.


The Cabin in the Woods mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When housewife Alice is trying to escape with her daughter in the laundry room, she slams a mop through the ceiling. When she slams the mophead through the ceiling the last time and pulls it out, the hole left behind is maybe one foot across. When she lifts her daughter up into the hole it is now a good two or three feet across and reaches from ceiling support beam to support beam.

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Resident Evil: Retribution mistake picture

Continuity mistake: At the dinner scene at Bilbo's house, just before Bofur throws the egg at Bombur's mouth, Fili is seen sitting next to Bombur. Yet as Bombur catches the egg, Ori is now sitting where Fili was sitting.

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Frank and Tony are talking with Flo and Tony is holding a bong. Through most of the scene, the bong is in Tony's right hand. But in several shots, it switches to his left hand. In one part in fact showing a side angle, Tony has the bong in his left hand and holding it on his leg. It then cuts to a close up and Tony points to Frank with the same but now empty hand.


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Pusher mistake picture

Continuity mistake: While talking with Severine in the casino bar, Bond gets his martini in a frozen glass. He picks it up, the camera's point of view changes, and the glass is instantly completely unfrozen.


Skyfall mistake picture

Continuity mistake: At the end, the number on the helicopter is 711. As it takes off it is 712.


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The Expendables 2 mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After Ralph destroys the cake and it goes all over the place, we cut to a wide shot. In this shot, to Gene's right, there is a small amount of cake on the floor. In the following shot, the amount of cake has doubled. Also after Ralph destroys the cake Mary is holding the people that were on top of the cake even though Ralph just destroyed them.


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Wreck-It Ralph mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When J falls off the green car by The Factory, cardboard boxes, a woman and a sailor magically appear out of nowhere.


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Men in Black III mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the secret covenant, the amount of blood on Eve's white top decreases when Olivia the vampire doctor examines her wounds. This is most noticeable under the collar.


Underworld: Awakening mistake picture

Revealing mistake: Taylor finds Sparks hiding under a bed. Taylor then gives him a tissue, and when Sparks reaches for it, his hand passes through the frame of the bed.


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The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene near the end, Jean Valjean is telling Marius that he is leaving and who he is. A large armoire appears behind Marius and then disappears in the next shot.


Les Miserables mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Snow White steals the huntsman's knife and threatens him with it. She is either holding it with the blade towards her or away from her depending on the shot.


Snow White and the Huntsman mistake picture

Continuity mistake: A few brown smudges appear on Alice's note, written on a torn page from The Merchant of Venice, after Bella finds the book.


The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 mistake picture

Character mistake: As Bruce Wayne is researching the jewel thief, the word "Heist" is spelled "Hiest" in a newspaper headline.


The Dark Knight Rises mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Inside the school lab, the Lizard walks to Peter on the floor and a stool next to him suddenly appears for him to pick up.


The Amazing Spider-Man mistake picture

Continuity mistake: As the guy in the car is driving into the base, Jessica excitedly runs to a dirt road and pulls out her phone to text Maya. The side shot shows the antenna is extended. It cuts to a view by her shoulder and suddenly the antenna is pushed in.


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Zero Dark Thirty mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During the wedding between Dejah and Than when they are about to drink the water, Than's tattoo is on the right side of his face whereas in other scenes his tattoo is on his left.


John Carter mistake picture

Other mistake: During the end credits, there's a misspelling. An 's' is missing from 'First Assitant Camera'.


Liberal Arts mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After Pi Patel first meets Anandi in the dance class, he is shown looking at her in the market place. There is a little girl sitting next to the flower seller. She doesn't have any flowers in her hair in the first shot, when the shot changes to Pi and then shows Anandi the little girl now has a flower in her hair .


Life of Pi mistake picture

Continuity mistake: At the start, the bottle of Glenfiddich rotates on the desk with no-one touching it,.


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The Aggression Scale mistake picture


Erased (2012)

Continuity mistake: When looking for a car Amy appears to unlock an Audi A4 or A6 that seems to be to her satisfaction, and then she quickly makes off with the keys, only to appear a few seconds later to rescue her father in a BMW Wagon.


Erased mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Kim leaves the hotel pool to return to her room she leaves behind her iPad on the lounger. When the gang members come looking for her at the pool her iPad is not on the lounger anymore.


Taken 2 mistake picture


Mud (2012)

Continuity mistake: Once Mud reveals who he shot and asks for Neckbone and Ellis to help him get the boat out of the tree, Neck asks for the pistol in return. Mud reaches around his back and puts his hand on the handle of the pistol tucked in the back of his jeans as he begins saying his shirt and pistol are the only things of value he has. It cuts to a close up, and suddenly his hand is on his hip and he reaches for his shirt, then back around to his pistol again.


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Mud mistake picture


Dredd (2012)

Continuity mistake: The two backup judges have just arrived and are asking to be let into Peach Tree. Mama has a knife on the tech guy's stomach, coercing him to keep the blast door shut. In every shot from the behind, her left hand has a firm grip on the guy's shoulder. In shots from the front, the hand is absent.


Dredd mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Snow and Emilie find the inmates used in experiments. Then Alex and a couple of others get the jump on them and they have a fight. Snow grabs his gun and gets shot at, and falls down the elevator shaft. He lands and is knocked out, with his left arm draped over himself across his chest as he lies partly on his side. The next time he is shown moments later, he is now flat on his back with both arms at his sides.


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Lockout mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the couple exits Elysium, the rear window is broken and covered with a piece of paper. Half a second later, still exiting the place, the paper is gone and the window is fixed.

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Wanderlust mistake picture

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, before the Guardians leave, Jamie rushes over to hug Jack. In the first shot, the top of his head nearly reaches Jack's ribcage. However, in the following close-up shot, Jamie is almost at the same height as Jack's shoulders.


Rise of the Guardians mistake picture

Revealing mistake: In the first scene with Lincoln and his cabinet in his office, in one close-up of Lincoln you can see that Daniel Day-Lewis has a pierced left ear, which Lincoln definitely did not.

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Lincoln mistake picture

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