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Trivia: At the big race at the end of the film, when the camera cranes down to the news crew, to the left you can see the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story.

Cars mistake picture
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Trivia: Just after the Jet "lands" in the stadium, the film shoots back over to Lex and his gang at the mansion. We see a closeup of the battered miniature town and there is a downed sign showing the name of the model railroad city, "Smallville."

Superman Returns mistake picture
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Trivia: Director Martin Campbell makes a cameo as the gasoline truck driver killed by the attempted plane bomber. (00:48:20)

Casino Royale mistake picture
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Trivia: Stan Lee makes a cameo appearance in the beginning of the movie when Jean is being recruited and showing off her powers. He is the man holding a hosepipe. (00:02:50)

X-Men 3 mistake picture
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Trivia: While trying to teach Willie not to be afraid of getting hit, Sean comes out in full gear wearing number 94. This was the same number The Rock wore while he played football in college for the Miami Hurricanes. (01:12:20)

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Gridiron Gang mistake picture
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Trivia: The "Earl Bassett Community School" is named after the character Fred Ward played in Tremors.

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Slither mistake picture
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