Best sci-fi movie mistake pictures of 2005

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Continuity mistake: In one of the earlier scenes where they are in the dad's house, just before Rachel tells Ray that Robbie took the car, Rachel is slouching on the couch with her left leg crossed over her right. In the next shot she is sitting up with her hands on her face, and now her right leg is crossed over her left. (00:12:25)

War of the Worlds mistake picture
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Continuity mistake: When Anakin is in the medical centre lying on his back being transformed into Darth Vader, you can see the main part of the mask being lowered into place but Anakin is not wearing the neck section of the mask that it connects to. We then see the main part lowering directly downwards, in the next shot the neck section is in place. (02:01:20)

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith mistake picture
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Visible crew/equipment: During the freeway chase, when both the Hummer and the Dodge Magnum are shown flipping over at the same time, the "Bay Buster" camera truck is briefly visible in the background.

The Island mistake picture
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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Arthur is lying in front of a bulldozer, he is so close that his hand is touching it. Two shots later he is a foot away from it, without appearing to have moved at all.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy mistake picture
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Continuity mistake: When The Thing gets his pancakes served the butter on top of them change position between shots. (01:11:40)

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Fantastic Four mistake picture
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Factual error: When Chicken Little is in his bedroom, after he scored during his baseball game, he looks into the spoon he is using as a microphone to see his reflection. He looks into the side that is curved away from you. When you look at that side of a spoon your reflection is upsidedown, but Chicken Little's was right side up.

Chicken Little mistake picture
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Continuity mistake: Aeon pushes Freya onto a table as they fight, and knocks over a lamp. In the next shot the lamp's upright.

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Aeon Flux mistake picture
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Continuity mistake: After Jonathan saves the baby from the car he goes to the funeral. In the funeral he starts talking to the baby's father and while they are talking you see a bald man with glasses pass by and glance at the baby and then in another scene you see the same bald guy pass again. (00:59:30)

White Noise mistake picture
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Continuity mistake: After Danny gets mad at Walter for catching the ball that his Dad threw for him, he throws his glove down on the floor and runs inside. In the next shot the glove is in a different location.

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Zathura mistake picture
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Revealing mistake: When the Operative is reviewing Mal's file, Mal's first name is initially spelled as "Malcom", in the next shot that has been corrected to "Malcolm".

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Serenity mistake picture
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