Best animated movie revealing mistakes of 2004

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The Incredibles picture

Revealing mistake: After Helen finds the hair on Bob's suit, she goes to him while he is in the car and says," Have a great trip. I love you, so much.", Bob backs the car out of the driveway. He backs out and turns, but you can see his hand on the top of the steering wheel doesn't move. (00:47:05)

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Shark Tale picture

Revealing mistake: During the scene when Angie and Sykes are watching Oscar beating up Lenny you can see one shot of Angie's tail go through the desk.

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Team America: World Police picture

Revealing mistake: Although the movie is filmed with puppets on strings, their movements and their surroundings are made to look as realistic as possible. This nitpick shows a moment when that doesn't happen. As the terrorists begin shooting up Paris, one terrorist runs down the street (in front of the bakery) as citizens run in every direction. One puppet (a female wearing a dress with yellow and white stripes) runs off camera to the left. After she runs out of the shot, the shadow of the puppet appears on the building corner (left side of the screen), being lifted up and out of the scene.

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The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie picture

Revealing mistake: When SpongeBob is telling King Neptune how much of a jerk Mr. Krabs is, when SpongeBob says, "I am 100 percent man," he leans back and you can see his hat is just floating there. (00:22:25)

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The Polar Express picture

Revealing mistake: You can see Hero Boy putting the ticket in his pocket after getting it punched the second time, before finding his seat on the return journey. However, the ticket slowly evaporates in the air as he is about to put it into the pocket. His hand thus enters the pocket ticket-less.

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