Best adventure movie mistakes of 2004

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Thunderbirds picture

Continuity mistake: When Alan, Vermont and TinTin are hanging upside down looking into the control room, TinTin's crystal is hanging around her neck, in the next shot it disappears then reappears in the 3rd shot.

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House of Flying Daggers picture

Continuity mistake: During the "Echo game", Jin throws the full bowl at the targets and all of the shells fall on the floor. Yet in all shots afterward, they are nowhere to be seen.

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Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle picture

Continuity mistake: When Harold and Kumar stop to take a pee and then leave, Harold gets bitten by a raccoon. In one shot Harold's blood stain is seen on his jacket, but in the next shot it's gone, then back again and so forth, until the car comes to a stop.

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Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London picture

Continuity mistake: When Emily is spying on Cody on the sightseeing bus, she sits down and the camera goes to a close up of her face and we see small worm like camera device comes out of the right side of her sunglasses, but when it cuts to the next shot, further back from her face, we can see the device has disappeared even though no time has passed between shots. (01:11:10)

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Hidalgo picture

Factual error: The race ends at Damascus, which is nowhere near the ocean, yet is placed on the seacoast.

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The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou picture

Continuity mistake: When the crew is in the submarine and they're just about to see the shark, Steve is holding on to the steering wheel. But when the view is of the steering wheel and little windows, no hands are on the wheel. Cut back to the crew, Steve is once again holding on to the wheel.

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Around the World in 80 Days picture

Continuity mistake: When Passepartout and Fogg arrive at The Royal Academy of Science explaining about breaking the speed barrier, Lord Kelvin asks where his authorization is and mocks Fogg while laughing and lowering his right arm. When it cuts, his arm is back up to his stomach. (00:13:00)

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Alexander picture

Revealing mistake: Towards the beginning of the movie, young Alexander tames a horse and then jumps on the horse and rides off. He is supposed to be riding bareback, but in one of the shots from a distance, you can tell that the actor's feet are in stirrups.

Allyson Premium member
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Man on Fire picture

Continuity mistake: When Creasy is in the car with Jorge Gonzales, Gonzales' can be seen with his sunglasses on when they were not on immediately prior.

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Team America: World Police picture

Continuity mistake: During Gary's speech at the end, in one scene his hair is messy, but as the camera angle changes it is straightened again.

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Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow picture

Continuity mistake: A montage scene of newspaper headlines early on has March 12, 1939 as the date. Much later in the film, Jude Law asks Gwyneth Paltrow the date so he can calculate the position of a star. She responds "March 2" but there is absolutely nothing to indicate that nearly a year has passed.

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Ella Enchanted picture

Revealing mistake: During the wedding scene, while the narrator is talking, you can see the string that will pull the left table apart. As said in the commentary, the filmmakers weren't going for the idea of people pulling the tables apart, but rather some other force parting them. (01:27:40)

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Steamboy picture

Factual error: The Great Exhibition was held in 1851, roughly 15 years before the film takes place.

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Catch That Kid picture

Continuity mistake: When the 3 kids are about to go through the chute after the 2 security guards shock themselves Gus jumps down first, then Madeline gets in and Austin hands her the baby, Max, and she goes down then Austin goes down. However when they all land Gus comes out then Austin and Madeline comes last. Not only that but she loses Max inside, how she can let go of him if he was on her lap and he ends up behind her?

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The Chronicles of Riddick picture

Continuity mistake: At the Crematoria mountain, Kira gets stuck in a small hole after the sunrise. She tries to climb again, but the rocks are so hot, she can't even touch them. She crouches and talks to Riddick for a while. Then, while standing up again, she touches the rock wall, but doesn't appear to experience any discomfort from the supposedly baking hot surface. (01:16:05)

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Two Brothers picture

Factual error: Near the end of the movie, Raul is telling the hunter to not kill the tigers. Throughout the scene, you can hear a bird call. The bird is a grebe. Grebes do not live in the jungle- they are only found near large bodies of water.

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Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation picture

Continuity mistake: After the sergeant has a parasite bug forced into her, she grabs a syringe kit left on the table by the medic. When she flips it open, there are 7 (maybe 8 at most) syringes in the kit (the last one is broken). A few moments later, private Sandee follows a trail of syringes left on the ground to the sergeant. There are at least 7 syringes on the ground, and 3 others in the sergeant's thigh.

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Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars pictureFarscape: The Peacekeeper Wars mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: After Aeryn delivers the baby and asks John if he can get them out of there, in the shot after they kiss there's an explosion, and as the Charrid stuntman is thrown into the air we can see the springboard's top platform flip up, which propelled him into the air.

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Palindromes picture

Factual error: (SPOILER ALERT) Aviva is supposed to have had a hysterectomy done on her secretly when she went in to have an abortion. She is shown waking up in the clinic, and her parents elect not to tell her, and as the movie progresses we see that she never finds out. But there are several reasons why this is impossible:1) A hysterectomy is major surgery - the little storefront clinic Aviva is in would never have been able to perform it. She would have been transfered to a hospital.2) Similarly, the recovery period for a hysterectomy is weeks long - Aviva would have been hospitalized for weeks, and there's no way she would not have noticed the pain she was in, or the surgical scar, or the fact that she was in a hospital. Yet in the movie she is shown walking out of the clinic the same day.3) Even if you discount the first two reasons, Aviva would have noticed in the weeks and months afterwards that she was not getting her period, and therefore was incapable of getting pregnant. Yet we see her gamely trying to get pregnant with the trucker guy.

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Wake of Death picture

Continuity mistake: When Ben is playing Tekken with his son on the Playstation, the characters of the game change on every shot of the TV. It is not possible in that amount of time they spend playing it.

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