Best sport movie continuity mistakes of 2003

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Seabiscuit picture

Continuity mistake: In the race for the $100,000 purse (that Rosemont wins), just after Seabiscuit takes the lead, there's a closeup of Seabiscuit's head and Pollard's right leg - Pollard is wearing the brace he made later in the movie after his leg was shattered. Obviously, the shot was taken from those filmed for the Santa Anita race later in the film. (01:17:40)

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Radio picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Coach Jones finds Radio in the shed, he pulls out his knife to cut the tape. In the first shot you can see the blade out. As it switches shots you can see him pull out the blade, then it switches back to the previous shot of the blade already out.

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The Undefeated picture

Continuity mistake: When Lex goes back to Queens, he meets up with an old friend who is driving his car. The camera angles from the front show him standing with his hands at his sides, but the camera angles from the back show his left hand on the car. Happens about 3 times during the entire scene.

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Grind picture

Continuity mistake: When Eric is battling the wigger kid on the halfpipe, the wigger's skateboard changes. When he's just standing on the top of the ramp, it's a World Industries board, but when he's doing tricks it's an almost all black skateboard.

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Blackball picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene after the half-time break in the International Tournement, Cliff Starkey has been to the sea to retrieve his "English Plasic and Asda bag" Bowls and starts playing with these again to improve his game and his luck. When we then see lots of shots of the UK Bowls smashing the Aussie bowls out of the way, (as we make a storming fightback) they are back to the blue ones again. Then it cuts back to the last few ends and he has the black plastic back.

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Hot Wheels Highway 35 World Race picture

Continuity mistake: When Kurt and Markie are racing together in the Ice Leg, if you look closely at the part when Markie is about to crash into chunks of ice, Kurt's car has no graphics, and a lighter green windscreen.

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