Best TV plot holes of 1996

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Dexter's Laboratory picture

Ant Pants - S2-E3

Plot hole: Didn't Dexter ever notice the giant fire pit in the ant farm?

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Beast Wars: Transformers picture

Season 2 generally

Plot hole: Series 2, Episode 11, The Agenda (1). The Tripredacus Council explains that Ravage will be able to find Megatron and the others by tracing the transwarp wavefront back through time to its source. If he truly did follow it back to when it started he would have arrived moments after Optimus destroyed the alien weapon in "Other Voices: Part Two" which created it, yet he arrives considerably farther in the future.

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Kenan & Kel picture

Show generally

Plot hole: Ditch Day Afternoon: Kenan ends up out of the door when trying to persuade the robbers not to give. Surely with all the media attention, a camera would have spotted him, and his family would realise it's Kenan. (00:20:30)

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Everybody Loves Raymond picture

Robert's Rodeo - S4-E15

Plot hole: The bedroom scene finds Robert sitting up in bed after getting home from the hospital with his upper thigh injury. If he really had a wound in that spot, there's no way he could sit like that.

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Silent Witness picture

Show generally

Plot hole: When Nicky goes into prison in Mexico to give a criminal a shot of insulin, two errors are seen. 1) The needle and syringe are far too big for an insulin shot, which takes a one ml syringe and a small sub-cutaneous needle. 2) When we first see the syringe, there is a small amount of insulin in it, but it grows the more times we see it, until a large syringe is two-thirds full - insulin is enough in a one ml syringe.

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Hey Arnold! picture

The Aptitude Test / Oskar Gets a Job - S3-E9

Plot hole: When Eugene dropped the tests, just about all of them fell out of their folders, but apparently only Harold and Helga's were switched.

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