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Scream mistake picture

Trivia: When Henry Winkler is looking for the "kids" that keep knocking on his door, he opens one door and surprises a cleaner. The cleaner is dressed like Freddy Kreuger, is called Fred, and is played by Wes Craven himself. (00:49:55)

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The Frighteners mistake picture

Trivia: When Frank comes out of the newspaper building, he walks into a guy with piercings and t-shirt with the Grim Reaper on it, this is the Director, Peter Jackson, he does a Hitchcock in all his films. (00:25:30)

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Kingpin mistake picture

Trivia: The fans in the back row of the Reno bowling stadium are made of cardboard.

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Romeo + Juliet mistake picture

Trivia: When Romeo is talking to the priest near the beginning of the movie, the priest holds up a plant which looks exactly like the playboy bunny.

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame mistake picture

Trivia: When Quasimodo is singing a few minutes into the film, he is standing above the town street where people are walking around, doing business. If you look closely to the lower right of the scene, you can see Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" reading a book in her blue dress, walking.

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