Best sci-fi movie mistake pictures of 1994

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Star Trek: Generations mistake picture

Revealing mistake: Roads are visible in the background during the climatic fight sequence on Veridia III, even though the planet is uninhabited. (01:40:35)

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Stargate mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: Throughout the movie, in the shots of the guys on the alien planet, the white reflector screens and film crew's reflections are visible in their sunglasses. (00:40:20)

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Double Dragon mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: With compliments of Koga Shuko the united gangs attack the Lee brothers, and while Jimmy and Billy defend themselves Billy goes up against a guy wearing a school uniform. Just as Billy slams a car's engine hood down onto that guy, in this shot we can see the camera, the camera operator, and a crew member under the raised car hood, at the lower left side of the screen. (00:45:00)

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A.P.E.X. mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When people disappear because of the time paradox, the background changes. This is especially noticeable when Johnson disappears, watch the lights on the panel behind her go out. (00:13:35)


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