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Digger - S2-E1

Woman: And your name?
Eddie: Edward Hitler.
Women: Ooh, any relation?
Eddie: Well... I've got a mother.
Women: No, no I meant to Adolf Hitler.
Eddie: Yes, that's her!

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The Brittas Empire picture

Gordon Brittas: Laura, how's the lorry driver?
Laura Lancing: Yeah, I gave him your message about staying, Mr. Brittas. He said he's rather take his chances in the snow.

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Home Improvement picture

Al: Say, do you think they call it a nail gun because it shoots nails?

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Step By Step picture

Cody Lambert: Woah! A Canadian penny! Now I can buy bubble gum! That is, if I go to Canadia.

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Herman's head picture

Season 1 generally

Louise Fitzer: Do I sound anything like Lisa from The Simpsons?

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Blossom picture

God: Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to make the world spin backwards briefly and reverse time so that you can prevent your finger from getting caught.
Joey Russo: I thought only Superman could do that.
God: He stole it from me. That's why I had him killed.

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Doug picture

Doug: Hi, Dale.
Dale Valentine: Hello, big nose.

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Rugrats picture

Charles Finster Sr.: When I was a kid, Christmas was always kind of disappointing. The best gift I ever got was a rubber glove and a tongue depressor.

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Nurses picture

Gina Cuevas: It must be awful to be in bed with a dead man.
Nurse Annie Roland: Oh, I don't know. You get used to it after 3 or 4 years.

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The Adventures of Tintin picture

The Secret of the Unicorn: Part 1 - S1-E3

Tintin: He looks exactly like you.
Captain Haddock: Yes, he is good looking.

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Salute Your Shorts picture

Ug: I did it! I did it.
Dina Alexander: What?
Ug: I finally out-negotiated Dr. Kahn.
Telly: What happened?
Ug: He was going to give me one night off every month, but I talked him into giving me one night off every four weeks.
Dina Alexander: Way to play hardball, Ug.

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Dinosaurs picture

Baby Sinclair: She's too controlling, I wanna wear a dress.

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