Best family TV deliberate mistakes of 1991

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Home Improvement picture

Room Without A View - S5-E8

Deliberate mistake: When Jill turns off the light to Randy's room, she uses the same switch that Al used to activate the reverse laundry chute.

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The Adventures of Tintin picture

The Secret of the Unicorn: Part 1 - S1-E3

Deliberate mistake: After Francis Haddock kills Red Rackham, he lights a fuse to the explosives. The fuse that was lit is only a foot long, yet he is somehow able to climb out the ship without anyone noticing, get into a boat and swim all the way to land before it explodes. At a foot long it would have exploded in 10 - 15 seconds, all of that would taken at least 10 minutes. (00:18:45)

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