Best TV audio problems of 1990

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The Sponge - S7-E9

Audio problem: When Kramer says "I read it in Wall Street Week," his mouth does not sync with the words. It looks like he said "Wall Street Journal."

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Beverly Hills, 90210 picture

Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington (2) - S4-E32

Audio problem: During the scene where David and Babyface are talking and Babyface asks David to fill in as one of the keyboardists for his carnival show, the camera shots going back and forth from both behind David and Babyface show them speaking, but it is very clear their words don't match their lip movements.

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Self Defense - S3-E7

Audio problem: As the Stone and Schiff are watching the news report on the security camera tape the reporter has a voice over going whilst the tape is playing. Towards the end of the tape she is shown on TV and is doing a report on the case. You can see her lips don't come close to synching up with what she is saying. The piece was already airing on TV, so very doubtful the TV station missed the large discrepancy.

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