Best comedy TV character mistakes of 1987

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Full House picture

Just One of the Guys - S1-E18

Character mistake: In the scene where Steve is changing the diaper on the toy, DJ asks if he would like to go ice skating tomorrow. When he says he can't she then says "well we can go tomorrow."

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Married... with Children picture

Calendar Girl - S10-E16

Character mistake: When Bud is showing Al his school project of a fan page turner, he has it on the left side and blowing the pages left to right. That would be blowing the pages the wrong direction to flip pages. It should be on the right side changing pages right to left.

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Hobbies - S2-E5

Character mistake: In the Armchair Theatre story, Billy mentions that the grandma puts a tray of chocolate brownies into the oven. In the next scene the grandma (played by Billy Butler) has a tray of cookies, not brownies.

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