Best TV factual errors of 1986

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The Madam - S5-E3

Factual error: Radio talk show host David Campbell works at "WRQE 480 AM." There is no such frequency. The AM radio dial begins at 530.

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Ink and Incapability - S3-E2

Factual error: Dr. Johnson completed his dictionary in 1755, 7 years before the Prince Regent was born (1762). So it's unlikely for him to be asking the Prince for patronage.

David Mercier
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God is My Co-Counsel - S8-E14

Factual error: Early in the episode it was established that Rosalie and Benny are to be married on Saturday. When the ruling is being announced on Halliday's case in the courtroom, she tells her father that they have to get ready to go to a wedding in a little while, meaning that they are in court on Saturday. Court is held Monday-Friday.

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The Second Stain - S1-E3

New this month Factual error: Holmes and Watson walks through a colonnade. Clearly visible in the background right over Watson's head is part of a 20th century circular red and white road sign. (00:34:18)

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