Best family movie revealing mistakes of 1986

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Short Circuit picture

Revealing mistake: When Number 5 is leading Number 3 into the toilet and moves at the last minute, you see Number 5 falling over, but in the next scene, he's perfectly fine.

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Labyrinth picture

Revealing mistake: When Sarah discovers Toby has gone from his cot, Goblins start moving about in her fathers room. The second goblin we see laughs, and jumps down from the top of her fathers four poster bed. As the goblin does this, you can see the shadow of a boom mic bob down onto the material that drapes from each poster of the bed. (00:11:05)

Hamster Premium member
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Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation picture

Revealing mistake: During "Our Beginning," True Heart Bear takes a walk beneath the ship's deck to check on the sleeping cubs. But when Proud Heart Cat wakes up for a moment, his tummy symbol is visible - which he's not supposed to receive until arriving at the Kingdom of Caring several minutes later. (00:02:20)

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The Great Mouse Detective picture

Revealing mistake: When Ratigan is sneaking up on Basil inside Big Ben, there is a shot where both characters have their backs to the camera. In this shot, there is a piece of equipment directly in front of the turning gear they are standing on. This piece of metal can be seen to flicker for a few moments.

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Flight of the Navigator picture

Revealing mistake: Many times during the movie, when there is a close-up of the puckmarin, tiny wires can usually be seen attached to its arms.

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The Karate Kid Part II picture

Revealing mistake: When Daniel and Kumiko first see the storm coming near the end of the film, the wind outside is blowing the trees sideways. They open the door to run out and the camera shows what is outside. The trees there are not moving.

manthabeat Premium member
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An American Tail picture

Revealing mistake: During "Never Say Never" Henri instructs Chantal to fly Fievel to immigration where he should be able to find his family. At one point during this shot, Henri's right wing casts no shadow on the Statue of Liberty - only an outline of the wing's shadow is visible. (00:23:25)

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