Best horror movie factual errors of 1984

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Children of the Corn picture

Factual error: In the original theatrical trailer, Stephen King's name is misspelled as "Steven."

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Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter picture

Factual error: When Tommy is playing Zaxxon on his computer, he is about to go into a barrier and die. Firstly the audio of the ship crashing happens before it hits, secondly, in the next shot the ship has reappeared. (00:14:30)

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Gremlins pictureGremlins mistake picture

Factual error: For a movie supposedly set in late December in a Northern state, all of the deciduous trees still have leaves on them. The most obvious place to see this is in the opening scene, when Billy is trying to start his car in front of his house. (00:07:05)

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A Nightmare on Elm Street picture

Factual error: When Glen and Nancy are talking on the bridge, you can see a huge palm tree in the background. Springwood is supposed to be in Ohio - they show a map in 'Freddy's Dead, the Final Nightmare' - there are no palm trees in Ohio. (00:52:00)

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Night of the Comet picture

Factual error: In the scene with Tempest (the video game in the cinema's foyer), Regina is annoyed to find the tag 'DMK' shown in the scoreboard, which she otherwise dominates, and she sets out to remove it. After completing a game which scores higher than 'DMK', she overwrites his name on the scoreboard and her name is both above and below. If this had been a real video game, his score wouldn't have been removed from the list, it would have just dropped down one place. She would have needed to play several games, bettering the 'DMK' score every time in order to own the board again. She would just keep knocking DMK down the list, she could only overwrite the last place.

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