Best drama movie mistakes of 1981

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Race for the Yankee Zephyr picture

Factual error: There could never be an aircraft of World War 2 vintage with the call sign "Yankee Zephyr". If it was a US aircraft (it appears to be) it would have the call sign "Yankee Zulu". If it was an RAF aircraft it would be "Yoke Zephyr". This all changed when the phonetic alphabets were standardised by NATO in the Fifties, but the DC3 in this film is supposed to have crashed before the end of World War 2 in 1945.

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My Bloody Valentine picture

Continuity mistake: At the end when Axel hits TG as he's coming round the corner, the head lamp TG is wearing is on or off depending on the angle of the camera.

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Ragtime picture

Factual error: Ragtime is set in 1906. Yet a 1915 Model T figures prominently in the plot.

Jean G

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Angel Dusted picture

Continuity mistake: When Owen shoves the hamburger back into his father, it falls on the floor right where the father is. When the father stands up to leave the room, the hamburger is now a few feet away from where it should have originally landed.

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Ms .45 picture

Revealing mistake: When the photographer is shot by Thana, his blood can be seen being thrown from offscreen. (00:36:54)

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Cutter's Way picture

Continuity mistake: 1981 film: Near the end, John Heard is riding a white horse. He has his left arm missing during the whole movie, but in one scene his right arm is missing instead as he is dashing through the woods. When he comes out of the woods it is correct again.


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