Best horror movie factual errors of 1980

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Friday the 13th picture

Factual error: At the climax of the movie, Alice swings the machete at Mrs. Voorhees and decapitates her. When the blade makes contact with Mrs. Voorhees' neck, her head flies off at an incorrect angle, as though the cut began on the opposite side.

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The Shining picture

Factual error: At the end of the movie there is the chase scene through the hedge maze in the dead of winter in Colorado. While Jack Nicholson runs after his son in a winter setting you cannot see their breath in what would be the cold night air.

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The Fog picture

Factual error: A solid gold cross of the size used in the film would weigh more than what any human could hold in front of them (nearly 200kg), much less as "easily" as the priest did at the end of the movie.

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The Changeling picture

Factual error: When John first enters the attic room, it's a roughly 8ft by 8ft small space. Yet after he opens the music box, the camera pulls back and the area is suddenly much wider.

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