Best sport movie continuity mistakes of 1979

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Breaking Away picture

Continuity mistake: There is an error in the scene where Dave is drafting behind the Cinzano truck. In the second close up shot of his legs (cranks) pedaling the bike he is in a lower (easier) gear than the previous shot even though he is supposed to be riding significantly faster.

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Rocky II picture

Continuity mistake: When Apollo Creed is approaching the ring for the rematch at the end of the film, his robe starts off done-up, next shot shows it undone and the towel around his neck loose, and then in the last shot it's back to being neat again with the robe done up. Even when he enters the ring it's all neat and tidy. (01:32:40)

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The Black Stallion picture

Continuity mistake: The Black Stallion was played by a horse with white markings; it's occasionally possible to see them under the black dye, especially during the desert scenes.

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The Champ picture

Continuity mistake: On the beach, when Billy and TJ go swimming in the ocean, TJ is wearing his boxers when he runs into the water, but when they're both in the water TJ is wearing his blue shorts over the boxers. (01:35:20)

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