Best thriller movie revealing mistakes of 1972

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Deliverance picture

Revealing mistake: In a scene where the canoes are shooting the rapids through a sheer cliff you can clearly see a stuntman climbing out of the water onto the rock.

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The Poseidon Adventure picture

Revealing mistake: When the ship is upside-down and they're trying to get Susan down from the table, you can see that the table really isn't attached to the ceiling. You can see the center pool split into legs that are supposed to be connected to the floor, but when Susan moves around and shakes the table, the legs shake and you can see space between them and the floor. Even if the other legs outside of the shot were connected, the table would be leaning under Susan's weight.

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The Last House on the Left picture

Revealing mistake: When Weasel says, "How's your back, baby?" to Phyllis, she spits in his face, but Weasel closes his eyes before she spits.

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Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart in Peril picture

Revealing mistake: At the beginning of the film O-Yuki is fighting the men in the forest and kills them one by one. When she kills the last one there is a close-up shot of her dagger entering his rib area and blood sprays out. However, if you pay close attention you can see the blood sprays out of his sleeve (presumably there is a device in there), not his torso. (00:01:18)

Jack Vaughan

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Fist of Fury picture Fist of Fury mistake picture Video

Revealing mistake: During the iconic dojo brawl scene, Bruce Lee at one point picks up two men and whirls them around. It's obvious in the wide shot that they are just dummies.

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Shaft's Big Score! picture Shaft's Big Score! mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Shaft fights the bad guys disguised as flower delivery men, both die with their blood packs that explode triggered by visible pyrotechnics - kinda odd to shoot a guy and see literally flames burst out from his chest or back before any blood comes out. (00:48:50)

Sammo Premium member

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Frogs picture

Revealing mistake: When Stewart's wrestling with the alligator look closely and you can see the black strap keeping its jaw shut.


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